North Star Mediation will help you resolve your dispute with privacy and respect.

Video conferencing available for parties that are remote from each other.

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North Star Mediation offers mediation, collaborative divorce, facilitation, and conflict coaching services for individuals, businesses, and organizations.  We create the structure, support, and confidentiality you need to successfully navigate conflict without resorting to litigation. Conflict is inevitable, but how you respond to it is your choice.  Contact us to find out how you can avoid the emotional and financial cost of litigation.

North Star helps clients with a wide arrange of disputes, including:

  • Workplace Disputes
    • Harrassment/Discrimination Complaints
    • Dysfunctional Working Relationships
    • Employee Grievances/Adverse Actions
  • Neighbor/Community Conflict
    • Neighbor Disputes: parking, pets, noise, fences
    • Solar Access/Views/Property maintenance
    • Civil harrassment
    •  Conflict with a business, city or county agency
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes 
    • Rent, Security Deposits, Repairs
    • Eviction & Unlawful Detainer
    • Quiet Enjoyment Violations
  • Business Transactions/Contract Disputes
    • Business Owner/Vendor Disputes
    • Business Partner disagreements
    • Condo, TIC & HOA disputes
  • Facilitation
    • Board Meeting Facilitation
    • Town Hall/Open Space Meetings
    • Effective Communication Training

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